Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to the farm.

 Despite the long absence, One Old Goat has puttered along over the summer.  I'm currently getting over two quarts of milk from Leslie, my nubian.  My family has transitioned almost entirely over to fresh goatmilk.  We have milk in the freezer ready for soap, I'm using milk to make yogurt and will soon be making cheese.

I wish I could say that the garden has been as prolific.  Well, it has.....I guess.  I've lots of tomatoes - I just wish they would ripen.  It's a bit ironic that I've only made fried green tomatoes once this summer.  But this weekend when I go to visit my grandkids and daughter, I'll take some green tomatoes with me and fry them up.  I've already cooked some squash and put it in the freezer ready to be made into squash soup which I absolutely love.  I've had plenty of kale, plenty of cukes and it looks as if I'll have a bumper crop of potatoes for the first time ever!

Every year that I garden I learn something new to not do the next year.  Next year, I will NOT plant so many tomatoes!  But I say that every year.....there's just something about growing tomatoes!

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