Monday, February 25, 2013

Kids, kids, kids

Cookie Dough

Well.....only a kid and a kid.  But that is enough for me!  Proud first time mama gave birth to buckling, Cookie Dough Saturday morning.  She went into labor at 7:30 am and little Cookie Dough was born a little before 8:00 am.  Third time mama, Leslie, gave birth to doeling Bella at 3:50 am Sunday morning.
All are doing very, very well!

It is so nice having these babies around - especially after losing Dolly Llama last month.  There is nothing like a bouncing baby goat!  It is amazing how they are on their feet so soon after being born and hopping and jumping around within two days!  I'm so looking forward to goat milk in a few weeks!  Life is good at One Old Goat farm!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Maybe fluffy chicken bottoms too!
Bunnie bums are the only ones I want to see!
 Fashion-minded, I am not. In fact, I would even say that my style has not changed too much for the past 50 years and I certainly don't foresee any likelihood of changing in the future.  That said, I am aware of some of the style changes from year to year.  I remember eons ago that bellbottoms and hiphuggers were in style - for a while. I remember when gauchos and leg-warmers were in style - for a while. I remember parachute pants, mile-high bangs, hightop sneakers.....all of these things were in style. For a short while. 
So......if generally speaking, clothing fashions are 'in' for approximately a season, maybe two by the time fashions filter down to those of us in the more rural areas, why, oh why oh why, are low hanging pants still in???!!!!  They have been around forever! The bare-butt, underpants-hanging out style have been around longer than my teens have been alive!  It is the style without end! I saw a student today whose entire (and I mean entire) rearend was exposed to the elements with only the sheerest of his wellworn underpants covering him.  How do the pants stay, ah, up? Or at least not fall to the ground? It defies gravity, I tell you! I can't wait until this particular fashion meets its end. Which I am assuming it will one day.  Until then, the only rears I better see in this family are animals bums!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Where I have been

Clover photobombing me as I try to take a picture of the hayfeeder!
Trying to figure out why exactly I haven't written anything since the first of February.  I've been busy. I haven't been feeling well and because of that, have been falling asleep in the evening. I've been trying to get my mom's quilt done. I've been working alot outside - this past weekend I made a hayfeeder for my goats and Clover. I love to build up, a really great chicken coop that will eliminate the need for me to climb into their house on my knees to collect their eggs. As usual, building the hayfeeder lead to me breaking something. When I build things, I either break something or make something horribly wrong.  With only about 6 more things to attach, I dropped my husband's Dewalt power drill and it smashed to smithereens!!! I thought for sure my husband was going to kill me! But he didn't, didn't even get mad......I guess after all these years he expected it. He even trusted me enough to let me use the good one he uses at work and I got the job done.  I'm happy to say that everyone enjoys having the hayfeeder and hopefully it will eliminate alot of the waste although I did see Hansel standing up and trying to eat from the top of the feeder instead of the sides. I guess I'll be making a top for it today. I did take some pictures - my cord for my good camera has been chewed through so I can only upload the pics that are on my little camera.

Friday, February 1, 2013

And the winner is......

After several failed attempts to snap a really cute picture of one of my dogs holding a sign with the winner's name on it, I've decided just to post the winner (by using and then posting a picture of one of my pups on a day that they felt like holding still.

If Tucker would have cooperated, he would have said that comment #12 was chosen - Shanda!
 Blogger Shanda said...
Oh I can already see you are going to be fun to follow :) I have 5 doggies also :) 2 kitties add to the mix...all inside :)
Skanky kitty  would have said it too!

Leslie wouldn't have said anything.

Nor would the rooster, even though he is the most photogenic of the farm animals!

Shanda,  Please email me your address so that I can send you out some of my soap!

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