Thursday, November 28, 2019

Being thankful.

This is Pappy Decker. He is extremely sweet and has long hair growing out of his ears. He purrs almost constantly and is always the first kitty I see when I wake up. He is so sweet but when I let him, sometimes he bites me. Gently. I'm thankful for him because although he always seems to love me, there's a little bit of bite. Of viciousness. It makes me not feel so bad that the same trait is inherent in humans. I would love to believe that humans (including myself) are kind but the truth is, no matter how hard we try there is always a little bit of viciousness.

How does that relate to Thanksgiving? I'm not really sure. I'm thankful for my family, including the canine  and feline members. I'm thankful that after this week Of anxiety, it has been confirmed that my health is good.

So many things to be thankful for. So very many things. It is wonderful to be able to share this day with people I love.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Three little kittens

 I confess that I have more cats than I know what to do with.  I feed them throughout the winter and provide them protective housing.  And they've multiplied. 

I've got 10 scheduled for spay/neuter in August, I've taken in 2 of them (in addition to Mrs. Bobbins who was destined to be a quilting cat).  I've found homes for 1 of the kittens.  So now I have 3 kittens living with me and I love all 3 of them fiercely.  3 different personalities. It does my heart good to watch them play with their cat tree and with each other.  But there are others who I am trying to keep safe until they are able to get 'fixed'.  My hope is to find homes for all of the sweet little kittens, a few not socialized at all.  I'm fine with caring with the mama and daddy cats because I'm getting them fixed so not to reproduce.  But those kittens.  They will be vaccinated and cared for before hopefully going to their fur=ever home.  But I understand perfectly that they may live out the rest of their days with me.  And I'm ok with that.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mrs. Bobbins and Tipper

It's no secret that I madly love my little chihuahua and my cat - Tipper and Mrs. Bobbins. I love them beyond reason.  They are the lights of my life (in addition to several humans).  Because I work with the public,  I'm often  reminded of why I prefer the company of an old dog and a cantankerous cat to that of humans.  But I am really trying to be a little more social but honestly, it is just so difficult!  I find it much more relaxing spending time in my sewing room with gorgeous fabric, my sewing machine and more ideas than I could ever bring to fruition! 

It is a good time when I can spend an afternoon sewing or reading in the company of beings that require no interaction whatsoever.  Maybe it's because I spend my week talking to people non-stop.  I don't know.  I could say that it is because with Tipper and Mrs. Bobbins, I'm not judged.  But that would be a lie - anyone who has been owned by a cat knows that they are constantly being judged!

 I've been feeling out of sorts for quite a while and I think it is because I haven't written anything in a long time.  I feel as if I have no words.  But I have pictures which will suffice until I find a few more words.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Statutes of Limitation

First of all, I'm not entirely sure that is the proper phrase - statutes of limitation.  But I was wondering, as I finished up a wallhanging that I started a very long time ago.  I began a patriotic wallhanging, a door hanging actually, decades ago.  All that remained to be completed was squaring it up and sewing the binding.  It is not one of my better pieces of work. The fabric was atrocious having mixed homespuns with quilting cotton, using directional prints inappropriately.  The points in the Ohio star didn't even come within waving distance.  It was a mess.  It was also one of the first things I ever made. I was young, didn't have a lot of experience, was trying out different techniques, a different pattern, and different fabrics.  It probably wasn't worth finishing/  It will look very nice on my front door - the mistakes will be nearly invisible when looking at the door hanging as a whole.  I supposed I could pick it apart and agonize over the wrong choices I made when constructing it but instead, I think I will just enjoy its beauty, imperfections and all.

That doorhanging kind of reminds me of people.  Lots of people make mistakes - some big and some small. Many mistakes are made when they are young, especially when they are teenagers. But like the doorhanging which developed into a beautiful decoration to enjoy, people tend to overcome some of their less stellar moments and actually evolve into beautiful human beings.  It is no fun to be reminded of the mistakes along the way. It's frustrating to try and try and be a positive force in the world only to be reminded of times when you weren't your best, when you were trying to fit in, trying to have friends with the only group of people who were willing to be your friends.

So what is the statute of limitations on a creation? I've forgiven myself for the blunders I made on that first project from years ago. Instead, I will enjoy the colors and the sentiments of its whole. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Keeping busy

Looking for native plants

A wallhanging made for my mom
It feels like forever since I've written anything here.  Actually, I've written many posts but never seem to find the time to post them.

This past weekend was the graduations of two of my daughters.  I have to say that college graduations are much better than high school graduations - at least they are for me. 

In my mind, high school graduation is the bookend of childhood.  When I saw my kids walk across the platform to receive their high school diploma, it was like a goodbye to parenthood, to childhood, and to the babies I devoted my heart to 24/7.  In elementary through high school, my kids were prodded, cajoled, encouraged, and sometimes, threatened to get up, get dressed, do their homework, and do their best in school.  In college, it is all about their choices.  It is on them.  When my sons and daughters went to college, I would pray that I or someone had influenced them in a positive way so that they were able to move forward and make good choices. And when they walk across that stage, they, not me, are the champions.  They've done what they needed to do academically to succeed as well as having a social life, and hold down jobs to help with costs. 

Despite the fact that I am an academic adviser at the University they all attended and are currently attending, they have done this all on their own.  I may have occasionally suggested that they contact their adviser or apply for scholarships or grants, but that is it.  It was on them to make sure that they completed the requirements for their degree.

So a college graduation is truly a celebration of who my daughters and sons are as well as their potential.  It is all up to them now and I have no doubt that they can reach whatever dreams they have.

Friday, December 7, 2018

“A little child…a shining star…a stable rude…the door ajar.
Yet in that place, so crude, forlorn,
The hope of all the world was born.”
~Author Unknown

I found this on a blog I just found (it is 6/8/18 today) -

I'm posting it ahead because I know I'll never find it, let alone remember it in December!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Old goats, slow goats.

For the first time in a long time, my goats escaped.  My son received a phone call from the neighbor last Saturday morning to let him know that Leslie and Cinderella were on the loose.  He wasn't at home so he called me.  I was on my way home from town but unlike years past, I wasn't in a frenzy to get home and catch them. Because honestly, those goats are old just like I am. They are no more interested in going any farther to get something to eat than I am interested in traveling very far for food.  So I took my time and when I got home, I stood out back and sure enough, the goats were close to the fence nibbling on the neighbor's rose of Sharon bush.  All it took was for me to jiggle an empty bucket and the girls came trotting up the hill and back into the pasture without a problem. Also unlike years ago, they didn't run right back to where they escaped so I had plenty of time to gather the tools I needed and leisurely fixed the fence.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

It's been a long time.

 Doesn't this picture on the right look like a painting? It is photo I took on my camera - this is a footbridge in a little park in Spartensburg. Mom and I walked on it after our dinner that night.  Below is one of the Halloween wallhangings I made recently.

Now that I've made up my mind to enjoy my empty nest, I'm getting a lot of things done.  I am making one of the bedrooms in the house into a sewing room.  I refused to move my sewing machine into it until the room is cleaned and painted.  Hopefully my cleaning frenzy will keep going until I get the rest of the house done.  I'm just so easily distracted when I try to clean that I never really get anything done.  I've started setting a time for 15 minutes and working in the room for 15 minutes each night.  That seems to work for me - so I'm very happy about that.

But distractions are what I need right now. I'm so bone-tired of all the hate - mostly politic-based. I'm tired of one side generalizing the other. I'm tired of it all - I can only hope that everyone comes out and votes. We need change, we need someone we can look up to as our president. I realize that no president is going to perfect for all people but hopefully we can do a little better for the next 4 years. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mrs. Bobbin

Mrs. Bobbin, who now holds the office of HouseCat
And when I'm so fed up with the horrible things humans do to one another, I remember that there are sweet little kittens. Next presidential election, Mrs. Bobbin gets my vote.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A torrid love affair

 I've written about the ducks quite a bit. It's a little like Peyton Place around here I think. A couple of months ago, the male duck was killed by a car so Daisy duck has been moping around, harrassing the chickens, bullying the cats, and quacking for dog food whenever she feels like it.  Usually when I'm in the middle of doing something.

About the same time the male duck was killed, a Muscovy duck from next door decided to hang out in my chicken house.  I guess he figured that if all the neighbor's chickens were being treated well here, he might as well move in too.  This duck just hangs out in the bottom of the chicken house - eating the feed, muddying the water, and just looking around. 

I noticed Daisy duck starting to waddle around the chicken coop when the duck was there - I'll call him RedEye (he has a red patch around both eyes). At first Daisy would just sit and quack within sight of RedEye and over the course of a week or two, has started to get closer and closer. And then, *gasp*, they spent the night together last night. 

Does this mean ducklings in the future? I really hope not. I can't adopt any more animals although I would it is more like they've adopted me. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lost things

I heard at church of the passing of an old friend of mine.  I was shocked and ashamed. Shocked because I never thought of this person as old and ashamed because over the years, I've done absolutely nothing to remain in touch.  Lives get busy, we have places to go, things to do, and I ignored a friendship that meant so much to me at one time. I will try not to make this same mistake again.

Another friend - actually someone I never met but through her writing yet feel as if I've known her forever is no longer writing. For years I've subscribed to Yankee Magazine. I'm not exactly sure why I've always loved this magazine but I just do. I can remember that it was always kept in the bathroom at my grandparents and reading it gave me a few minutes away from my brothers when I was very young and visiting my grandma and grandpa.  I can remember that the Yankee Magazine from that time was Reader's Digest sized. It had pages of advertisements for unique gifts from New England - everything from gardening equipment that you couldn't find anywhere else to pendents in the shape of a Maine lobster. But also like Reader's Digest, the size and format of the magazine has changed and is no longer pocket-sized but large, like other magazines.  It still does advertise those quaint little New England trinkets though.

For a few years, I didn't renew my Yankee subscription. I didn't have time to read them and I didn't have the money. I still don't have the money to spend but I missed the magazine - especially Mary's Farm - and was willing to give up a few coffees a month to subscribe.  I received my first magazine and noticed that the Edie Clark article this month was titled Leaving Mary's Farm. Awwwww. Edie apparently has had multiple strokes and will no longer be able to write. It's odd because I haven't read her for a while but now, I can't finish the article about the end of her career and the sale of her farm because, hmmmmm, I guess because I don't want to face another loss. 

If someone tells you that something horrible has happened, the words disappear. The feelings remain but the words are gone.  If someone writes that something horrible has happened, the words stick around and rereading them makes my heart over and over again.  But words can also soothe and I think that's why many people seek solace in poetry.  There's just something about the tweaking of words in such a way that one's life view is so affected. 

I've always felt rather sad that I don't have many friends. I think the reason for that is I'm a listener and not a talker. I am so much more comfortable listening or reading another person's words than I am contributing to a conversation. 

Being thankful.

This is Pappy Decker. He is extremely sweet and has long hair growing out of his ears. He purrs almost constantly and is always the first ...