Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This could be anywhere.

It really could. These beautiful tulips. I look at this photo and I could be in Amsterdam or Switzerland or in a garden in my backyard.

But it is not in any of those places. It is in a garden in front of the building in which I work. And these flowers make my spirit soar--everytime I walk out.

Some people really hate their jobs, hating getting up in the mornings, can't wait to get home. Not me. I love the kind of work I do, the people with whom I work, my co-workers, the property, the beautiful old buildings, the gardens and other landscaping. My work for which I'm paid makes me a better person: parent, friend, farmer. I love what I do at home, too. I love planting spring crops, I love caring for my animals, but most of all, I love being with my kids. I think because I have two older children, I cherish the times I have with my younger kids because I know how quickly this time passes and that soon, they will be on to lives on their own.

I am so fortunate that all aspects of my life complement each other.


The interview process is complete. Now 'I' just need to be analyzed and scrutinized to see if 'I' meet the needs of the group. Even though these people know me--have known me for years, it still felt as if I was trying to lift myself up to their expectations. But that's the thing: they know me and I can only be blatantly honest. I told my interviewer in conclusion that even if I wasn't hired for the position, I am happy where I am now. He told me that was the wrong thing to say, that I should say that I'll be po'd if I don't get the position. But I love my job and the people with whom I work. I just want the new position because it is all of my current job and more! So I will feel sad if I'm not chosen, not good enough for the position but I won't be devastated.
But it is over now and out of my hands. I hope that I am offered the job but if not, I will continue to work hard at what I do now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our People

For the past several years--up until the beginning of 2008--my son would ride into work with me. He attends the college at which I work. And every morning, rain (well not so much), but snow or sunshine, we would see an older couple walking to the 7/11 to pickup a newspaper and cup of coffee.
After awhile, we would look for them. We would stop our early morning conversation just to look for our friends. If we didn't see them, we would speculate as to why they weren't out on their daily walk.
Sometimes several weeks would go by without seeing them and I assume--hope--they were on vacation and not ill. In the fierce winter wind they would wear matching googles and Lands End-type jackets. This morning, in the early day heat, they were wearing matching shorts and T-shirts.
Since I've been driving to work alone--my son moved into an apartment in town last year--I still look for 'our people'. I hadn't seen them in at least several months and was quite happy to see them yesterday. They certainly don't know who I am and that I consider them as our people, that I worry when they aren't out one morning, that it makes me happy when I see them. They impact my life without even knowing it. They impact my view on the world.
The world seems right when I see our people walking hand-in-hand in the morning.
The photo above is my mom and dad and their dog. They are my people and I love them.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Other signs of spring.....

Some new signs that spring has sprung! A new baby at the neighbor's farm! We love these people-- they have a little bit of everything! The Jacob sheep and their sweet baby hollered B-e-e-e-t-t-t-h as I passed their pen. Well, it sounded like it! They have 3 horses that are absolutely beautiful! They have a gobbler with the most magnificent waddle! A one-eyed emu - which scares my son! And lots of bantys! The best part though, is they are the kind of neighbors anyone would love to have! They are the kindest people--anytime we've need a sitter for the kids, they been there. They've made us cookies at Christmas! They include the kids in all of their church special programs. But they ask for nothing! I thought about making a friendship quilt for them as a way of letting them know how much their friendship means to me and I think I need to act on that.

But the best thing about these neighbors is that they live right behind us in the woods. Cross the creek, walk through the pines, and there they are!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Can't wait for this!

I don't like wishing my life away but I can't wait for August vacation! This year we will hike in the White Mountains not just view from another ridge.
We camp on the beach every other year-something that we really enjoy. We always do something a little different each time. Last time, we went hiking in an area we've never been and went geocaching. I learned a very important lesson. We only had our gps and we got lost. Fortunately, we were in a small park with marked paths and were able to find our way back to the car. But I know better. I won't go geocaching again without a compass as a backup.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bella. The one good goat.

I may be an old goat, but Bella is the good goat of the family. She never jumps over or climbs under the fence. She's kind of pushy when I open the gate to feed her but she doesn't try too hard to escape! I'm hoping that Bella will be a momma to all girl goats! I love Bucky but he drives me crazy! I do love my animals on my little farm: the chickens follow me around as I feed the goats, horses, and llama. I like to think it is love but I'm sure they are just curious and hoping that I drop them some feed. I love the goats, their soft bleating in the morning is the perfect way to wake up. Coming out to their pen and not finding Bucky and Tommy is NOT a perfect way to start the day!

I love animals. I love their acceptance-no matter what. Unconditional love. I always feel better when I spend time with my pets outside. Sometimes I fantasize about jumping on Snowball and just galloping away! Without running into a house or a road or anything! I dream about having a nice barn that's not really just a shed and that I didn't have to walk the horses back and forth when it is cold and/or raining. I wish my husband would just tear down the swimming pool so that I could have that spot for the animals. I wish I wasn't married. I wish it was just the kids and my animals.

I really don't like being married. When there is someone else in the picture, I tend to shift responsibility. When I'm on my own, I am much better because I know there is no one else to blame. I won't get divorced. It's not that I don't like my husband. It's just that I hate having to ask someone else for something, counting on them to do something and then not having it done.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great jumping goats!

If I do nothing else this weekend, I will figure out a way to fix the fence so that these two do not escape again!
This Old Goat is tired of chasing these two young goats around trying to get them to go back in their pen. Thank goodness Bella is too plump to crawl under, jump over!
They used to be sneaky about it but these days, they just get out whenever they want. Tommy - the darker goat - will only leave the pen if Bucky does. Bucky is a bad influence.
One morning last week when I went to feed them, Tommy and Bucky were no where to be found. So after looking them for a bit, I went to feed the horses. And there were Bucky and Tommy all curled up snug as bugs in horse straw. Not bleating. Not moving. It was like they were hiding from me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A sign of spring

I found this in my little asparagus patch last week. We planted 6 asparagus plants last spring, knowing that it would be years before we'd be able to eat them. So I was really surprised to see them pop up.
I did order some more and bought a fence to put around the little patch hopefully to keep the chickens and cats away.
Seems my daylilies have been a popular snack. So I may end up fencing in all of my flowers, etc.
I'm waiting for potatoes which have been shipped. We'll be planting them in tires again this year.
Love Spring!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Standoff

This is the kind of drama that lives at the One Old Goat farm.
Chihuahua versus chickens.
How does it end? Chihuahua notices the goats and chases after them. Chickens peck banana a couple of times. Old farmer finds banana peel on the ground this morning.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's next?

I'm happy where I am. I'm bored sometimes. But I'm content because I know what to expect. I know that I do what I'm supposed to do. There are no surprises, no challenges. There's no fear (almost none) that I'm going to mess up. I'm treated well. I treat others well.

So why do I want to apply for a new job--a promotion in the same department in which I work? Part of me--the slacker part--is that I'll screw up and be fired. That slacker is thinking that what I'm doing right now is no stress. Sure, I'm bored to tears some days. I'm never surprised, really. But the part of me who wants more, says go for it. The part of me who believes in me has already applied for the job and is hoping to get it. That part of me really wants to show what I can do and will get great satisfaction of doing something good.

I'm terrified that I won't get called for an interview, that I won't get the job. And I'm terrified that I will.

My kids are older now and it is not so critical that they have my attention 24/7. They've developed their own friends and have become close to their dad. Quite honestly, I feel unneeded at home.

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