Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This could be anywhere.

It really could. These beautiful tulips. I look at this photo and I could be in Amsterdam or Switzerland or in a garden in my backyard.

But it is not in any of those places. It is in a garden in front of the building in which I work. And these flowers make my spirit soar--everytime I walk out.

Some people really hate their jobs, hating getting up in the mornings, can't wait to get home. Not me. I love the kind of work I do, the people with whom I work, my co-workers, the property, the beautiful old buildings, the gardens and other landscaping. My work for which I'm paid makes me a better person: parent, friend, farmer. I love what I do at home, too. I love planting spring crops, I love caring for my animals, but most of all, I love being with my kids. I think because I have two older children, I cherish the times I have with my younger kids because I know how quickly this time passes and that soon, they will be on to lives on their own.

I am so fortunate that all aspects of my life complement each other.

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