Monday, May 4, 2009

A Little Bit of Magic

This looks as if my grandbaby is sprinkling pixie dust! And I'm sure that I was telling him not to throw rocks! Rocks to me, fairy dust to him. I guess I don't know everything! This is just a reminder to myself to lighten up and enjoy the magic and believe me, there was a lot of magic going on this weekend. I just was too caught up in the real world to appreciate it. Too much worrying about getting there in time, not throwing stones (pebbles, really), falling over a log, getting enough sleep, eating much worry and not enough just letting life happen and enjoying it. I'm not saying that some structure isn't important--it is! I couldn't survive without having some of my life well-structured. Well-structured enough that sponteneity works well in the rest of my life.
I gave up wearing a watch about a year ago. I hated that my life had become a series of 15 minute segments. Some people may look at that as terribly irresponsible. and I DO have a watch. I take it with me when I go on a lunchtime run so that I'm not late back to work. Ironically not wearing a watch hasn't affected my punctuality: I've always been late to nearly everything but now, I'm not quite as late and sometimes am actually on time! Go figure! Magical!

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