Monday, February 29, 2016

She's back.

Last year this little duck broke my heart.  She and her fair-weather boyfriend. Donald, decided to move to One Old Goat Farm.  While she lived here, there was much ducky drama.  At one point, I thought she had been killed by a fox but fortunately, was only badly injured.  We fed her - after the fox incident, Donald (the loser) totally ditched her - we housed her, and waited for seemingly forever for her eggs to hatch and to be able to enjoy her little ducklings.  Which we did.  For a couple of weeks. I loved watching them and thought they were happy but then she and her seven little ducklings waddled off. Back home. Never to return.  Not a visit, not a thank you card. Nothing.   So last night, I thought I heard some faint quacking.  I didn't really think much of it. I don't have a duck.....since the last one I had, only used me for food and shelter.  This morning, however, I see that Daisy is back.  I know that it is her because she still has her head with the slightly chewed-on look and the featherless neck.  For a moment, I thought - well, forget you! You left me!  Within a half hour though, I had taken out some lettuce, some feed, and left open the basement door for her.  She looked as if she needed some rest, a warm home, and some food.  That's the funny thing about families.  
Sometimes one of us goes away for a period of time or even forever.  And those left behind can take it as being ditched or be thrilled because the other person has decided to just live his/her own dream.  Had I really felt badly about Daisy taking her family and leaving, I would have walked over to the neighbors' home and asked if I could bring her back.  I could have done that but Daisy would not have been very happy about it.  I knew that Daisy was just fine over there with her little babies and that's all I wanted.  I'm happy to have her back and if she wants to stay here, that will be wonderful.  I'll feed her and make sure she has a comfy place to stay.  

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

My sweet little Tipper!  It's freezing outside but warm inside with my pup, a heating blanket, and a good book.  Later I may get up and sew and perhaps cook something for dinner. Valentine's Dayis always a nice break in the blah winter months after Christmas.  How could a day that is associated with chocolate be bad?  Isn't odd some of things that we remember?  When I think of Valentine's Day as a kid, I remember sitting at the kitchen table in the old farmhouse on the hill.  My grandmother was there and there was a ton of snow.  I don't know if we were waiting for my brother's school bus or what but I've always remembered that.  I think we also were putting together Valentine's Day cards - back then, cards came in books.  You would punch out the card and then there would be a piece - usually a heart or something that you would attach by way of a tab.  I love that memory and every time I think of it, I feel loved.  

Monday, February 1, 2016

My night.

My wild nights these days include - for the most part - a small dog, a sewing machine (usually), a book (almost always), and a cup of tea.  As I age, I find that early morning is my favorite time of day and have come to appreciate going to sleep early as well.  Back in the day I remember falling asleep with a book at night - often very late at night.  These days I usually fall asleep before I even open the book which is fine.  I spend much of my time alone now.  Well as alone as I can be with four dogs - two of which are almost always glued to my side or sitting on my lap.  I thoroughly enjoy having a cup of tea and reading - right now I'm reading Gillian Flynn's Dark Places.  It has taken about a hundred pages before I was hooked but I'm enjoying the story.  It's a little dark for me but since I plan on a little Gladys Taber next, I'm not too worried about the mood I'll be in after finishing such a gloomy book.  Right now I only have 1 book going - unusual for me - but I haven't had a chance to stop at the library and pick up the Billy Bryson book that is being held for me.  Bill Bryson always makes me smile.

 It's nearly 10:00 - I've been sewing for the past 3 hours.  I want to read but it is 2 hours past my bedtime.  And I don't think Dark Places is the book to read before falling asleep.  These are my problems at the moment.  It is amazing how my life has changed in a matter of months.  

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