Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

My sweet little Tipper!  It's freezing outside but warm inside with my pup, a heating blanket, and a good book.  Later I may get up and sew and perhaps cook something for dinner. Valentine's Dayis always a nice break in the blah winter months after Christmas.  How could a day that is associated with chocolate be bad?  Isn't odd some of things that we remember?  When I think of Valentine's Day as a kid, I remember sitting at the kitchen table in the old farmhouse on the hill.  My grandmother was there and there was a ton of snow.  I don't know if we were waiting for my brother's school bus or what but I've always remembered that.  I think we also were putting together Valentine's Day cards - back then, cards came in books.  You would punch out the card and then there would be a piece - usually a heart or something that you would attach by way of a tab.  I love that memory and every time I think of it, I feel loved.  

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