Monday, February 1, 2016

My night.

My wild nights these days include - for the most part - a small dog, a sewing machine (usually), a book (almost always), and a cup of tea.  As I age, I find that early morning is my favorite time of day and have come to appreciate going to sleep early as well.  Back in the day I remember falling asleep with a book at night - often very late at night.  These days I usually fall asleep before I even open the book which is fine.  I spend much of my time alone now.  Well as alone as I can be with four dogs - two of which are almost always glued to my side or sitting on my lap.  I thoroughly enjoy having a cup of tea and reading - right now I'm reading Gillian Flynn's Dark Places.  It has taken about a hundred pages before I was hooked but I'm enjoying the story.  It's a little dark for me but since I plan on a little Gladys Taber next, I'm not too worried about the mood I'll be in after finishing such a gloomy book.  Right now I only have 1 book going - unusual for me - but I haven't had a chance to stop at the library and pick up the Billy Bryson book that is being held for me.  Bill Bryson always makes me smile.

 It's nearly 10:00 - I've been sewing for the past 3 hours.  I want to read but it is 2 hours past my bedtime.  And I don't think Dark Places is the book to read before falling asleep.  These are my problems at the moment.  It is amazing how my life has changed in a matter of months.  

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