Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Am I a ghost?  Over the past several months I've been thinking about my place in this world. I've questioned that many times over the years - what is my place, do I even deserve a place.  One thing about working at a large University is that one is constantly surrounded by so many people doing grandiose things for humanity. Everywhere I look, there is someone better, someone smarter, someone who reads more, someone who is more in tune with the struggles of the world. Then I look at myself and think 'wow, I've babied a duck who was hit by a car'.  Ugh.

I really do want to help......everyone!  I want to help people who are abused and unwanted and discriminated against. I want to help everyone who has been negatively affected by the political debacle. I want to do so much but really? Some days it is all I can do to get out of bed. Some days it is all I can do to leave my office and go home. But what I can do on my good days is to smile and be kind to everyone I meet regardless of who they are.  Maybe sharing some simple kindness is all that humanity needs - regardless of who they are.  I'm thinking that may be some orange-skinned, crazy-hair old man wouldn't be so hateful if a few people had been kinder to him when he was a boy.

I know how I feel when I try to be friendly and am ignored. I remind myself that I don't want to be someone who makes other people feel unworthy and invisible. A smile may not cure all the world's problems but it's a start.  And that duck? I think I've mattered to her. She's walking again. 

Monday, May 1, 2017


Scrap quilts are my favorite type of quilt. I love how something beautiful and useful can be made of bits and pieces of discarded items - things that have been tossed out because they are seemingly ugly, past their prime, no longer needed.  These old bits can be sewn together into a quilt that is new.  I wish the same could be said of people. I see hints of this everywhere I look and I am as guilty as anyone else in not appreciating what I had when I had it.

So if you took a whole bunch of old people with all of that life experience and put them together - would it make something beautiful? If they were all identical to each other, that could be a problem. But people - regardless of their age - are different. We may all have been impacted by the same historical events, have grown up in the same eras with similar family types, socioeconomic status but our reaction to those events are very, very different. And I guess when our reactions clash, it's much too easy to argue, ignore, hate, or hurt.  It's amazing to me what can spark such great hate: religion, money, power, generational differences.  Honestly? It makes my heart hurt.  If you try to help one cause, you are ignoring something else. So I guess I'll stick with my fabric scraps. The greens and purples play together quite nicely.  Blues and oranges? Ok!  And I can put together all these supposedly unrelated bits together and give them to someone else who can enjoy the whole.