Thursday, September 11, 2014

One thing I’ve learned during the first half of my life is that anger – unexpressed, kept inside, never spoken,never allowed to burn off –is useless.  All that it does is make the person holding the anger miserable.  It usually doesn’t bother the person to whom the anger is directed in the least.  Unless, of course, that person is your mother (not my mother - just to clarify). 

People screw up.  Good people screw up, bad people screw up.  It’s inevitable.  Most humans don’t get a redo of their life.  So the ‘right things’ done when one is in their 20’s, may have been the worst things to do in retrospect.  That saying ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’? Well, it is true.  One can decide to be miserable and hang on to old grudges – which will never change what has been, what is, or what will be.  Or one can decide to begin  a new day. Simply. There is nothing wrong with feeling bad or wishing that life had unfolded a little differently.  When we view other’s choices through our own lens, we have the privilege of seeing the whole picture which is decidedly different than the view at the time. 

So if you are upset, angry, resentful……..that’s on you.  I’m sure that whomever you are upset, angry, or resentful with, is more sorry than you could ever know.  None of this changes anything. Life goes on. Be happy. Get over it.

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