Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The interview process is complete. Now 'I' just need to be analyzed and scrutinized to see if 'I' meet the needs of the group. Even though these people know me--have known me for years, it still felt as if I was trying to lift myself up to their expectations. But that's the thing: they know me and I can only be blatantly honest. I told my interviewer in conclusion that even if I wasn't hired for the position, I am happy where I am now. He told me that was the wrong thing to say, that I should say that I'll be po'd if I don't get the position. But I love my job and the people with whom I work. I just want the new position because it is all of my current job and more! So I will feel sad if I'm not chosen, not good enough for the position but I won't be devastated.
But it is over now and out of my hands. I hope that I am offered the job but if not, I will continue to work hard at what I do now.

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Affirmation: My Highest Good is Unfolding!Trust. And, it sound like you do!!

Elizabeth thank-you for visiting my place!!

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