Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our People

For the past several years--up until the beginning of 2008--my son would ride into work with me. He attends the college at which I work. And every morning, rain (well not so much), but snow or sunshine, we would see an older couple walking to the 7/11 to pickup a newspaper and cup of coffee.
After awhile, we would look for them. We would stop our early morning conversation just to look for our friends. If we didn't see them, we would speculate as to why they weren't out on their daily walk.
Sometimes several weeks would go by without seeing them and I assume--hope--they were on vacation and not ill. In the fierce winter wind they would wear matching googles and Lands End-type jackets. This morning, in the early day heat, they were wearing matching shorts and T-shirts.
Since I've been driving to work alone--my son moved into an apartment in town last year--I still look for 'our people'. I hadn't seen them in at least several months and was quite happy to see them yesterday. They certainly don't know who I am and that I consider them as our people, that I worry when they aren't out one morning, that it makes me happy when I see them. They impact my life without even knowing it. They impact my view on the world.
The world seems right when I see our people walking hand-in-hand in the morning.
The photo above is my mom and dad and their dog. They are my people and I love them.

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