Saturday, April 25, 2009

Other signs of spring.....

Some new signs that spring has sprung! A new baby at the neighbor's farm! We love these people-- they have a little bit of everything! The Jacob sheep and their sweet baby hollered B-e-e-e-t-t-t-h as I passed their pen. Well, it sounded like it! They have 3 horses that are absolutely beautiful! They have a gobbler with the most magnificent waddle! A one-eyed emu - which scares my son! And lots of bantys! The best part though, is they are the kind of neighbors anyone would love to have! They are the kindest people--anytime we've need a sitter for the kids, they been there. They've made us cookies at Christmas! They include the kids in all of their church special programs. But they ask for nothing! I thought about making a friendship quilt for them as a way of letting them know how much their friendship means to me and I think I need to act on that.

But the best thing about these neighbors is that they live right behind us in the woods. Cross the creek, walk through the pines, and there they are!

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