Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bella. The one good goat.

I may be an old goat, but Bella is the good goat of the family. She never jumps over or climbs under the fence. She's kind of pushy when I open the gate to feed her but she doesn't try too hard to escape! I'm hoping that Bella will be a momma to all girl goats! I love Bucky but he drives me crazy! I do love my animals on my little farm: the chickens follow me around as I feed the goats, horses, and llama. I like to think it is love but I'm sure they are just curious and hoping that I drop them some feed. I love the goats, their soft bleating in the morning is the perfect way to wake up. Coming out to their pen and not finding Bucky and Tommy is NOT a perfect way to start the day!

I love animals. I love their acceptance-no matter what. Unconditional love. I always feel better when I spend time with my pets outside. Sometimes I fantasize about jumping on Snowball and just galloping away! Without running into a house or a road or anything! I dream about having a nice barn that's not really just a shed and that I didn't have to walk the horses back and forth when it is cold and/or raining. I wish my husband would just tear down the swimming pool so that I could have that spot for the animals. I wish I wasn't married. I wish it was just the kids and my animals.

I really don't like being married. When there is someone else in the picture, I tend to shift responsibility. When I'm on my own, I am much better because I know there is no one else to blame. I won't get divorced. It's not that I don't like my husband. It's just that I hate having to ask someone else for something, counting on them to do something and then not having it done.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! Great inspiration....I would love to have a menagerie too! We adore animals....

thanks for stopping by!

love, kelee

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