Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great jumping goats!

If I do nothing else this weekend, I will figure out a way to fix the fence so that these two do not escape again!
This Old Goat is tired of chasing these two young goats around trying to get them to go back in their pen. Thank goodness Bella is too plump to crawl under, jump over!
They used to be sneaky about it but these days, they just get out whenever they want. Tommy - the darker goat - will only leave the pen if Bucky does. Bucky is a bad influence.
One morning last week when I went to feed them, Tommy and Bucky were no where to be found. So after looking them for a bit, I went to feed the horses. And there were Bucky and Tommy all curled up snug as bugs in horse straw. Not bleating. Not moving. It was like they were hiding from me!

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