Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Maybe fluffy chicken bottoms too!
Bunnie bums are the only ones I want to see!
 Fashion-minded, I am not. In fact, I would even say that my style has not changed too much for the past 50 years and I certainly don't foresee any likelihood of changing in the future.  That said, I am aware of some of the style changes from year to year.  I remember eons ago that bellbottoms and hiphuggers were in style - for a while. I remember when gauchos and leg-warmers were in style - for a while. I remember parachute pants, mile-high bangs, hightop sneakers.....all of these things were in style. For a short while. 
So......if generally speaking, clothing fashions are 'in' for approximately a season, maybe two by the time fashions filter down to those of us in the more rural areas, why, oh why oh why, are low hanging pants still in???!!!!  They have been around forever! The bare-butt, underpants-hanging out style have been around longer than my teens have been alive!  It is the style without end! I saw a student today whose entire (and I mean entire) rearend was exposed to the elements with only the sheerest of his wellworn underpants covering him.  How do the pants stay, ah, up? Or at least not fall to the ground? It defies gravity, I tell you! I can't wait until this particular fashion meets its end. Which I am assuming it will one day.  Until then, the only rears I better see in this family are animals bums!


Bev said...

I so agree with you!

Cheery wave! Bev

Lesa said...

Here! Here! (Said in total agreement.)

A Half-Baked Notion said...

*TeeHee* I guess since my boys are adults I hadn't realized this style was still around, Beth. Yes, it was a bit amusing the first season as the poor teens learned to walk that funny walk... but enough already! Let's move on to the next "great" thing, please!

Charlene S said...

I agree!

pippirose said...

No kidding!
I've been around long enough for "vintage" fashion come back into style again. (Maxi skirts, mini skirts, wide leg flare pants from the 70s).
But as with the long-lived "fad" of Rap music (what I told myself 20 years ago--it's just a fad), that the butt-exposing droopy pants will be here to stay for a while, yet.

Robyn said...

I can not understand how they walk around like that. Do they have no shame? I guess not. I"m a teenager of the 80s and granted we wore some pretty crazy things but me and my group always looked good. This fad? I just don't get it but like you can't wait for it to go away!.. Great post! :)
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