Monday, February 18, 2013

Where I have been

Clover photobombing me as I try to take a picture of the hayfeeder!
Trying to figure out why exactly I haven't written anything since the first of February.  I've been busy. I haven't been feeling well and because of that, have been falling asleep in the evening. I've been trying to get my mom's quilt done. I've been working alot outside - this past weekend I made a hayfeeder for my goats and Clover. I love to build up, a really great chicken coop that will eliminate the need for me to climb into their house on my knees to collect their eggs. As usual, building the hayfeeder lead to me breaking something. When I build things, I either break something or make something horribly wrong.  With only about 6 more things to attach, I dropped my husband's Dewalt power drill and it smashed to smithereens!!! I thought for sure my husband was going to kill me! But he didn't, didn't even get mad......I guess after all these years he expected it. He even trusted me enough to let me use the good one he uses at work and I got the job done.  I'm happy to say that everyone enjoys having the hayfeeder and hopefully it will eliminate alot of the waste although I did see Hansel standing up and trying to eat from the top of the feeder instead of the sides. I guess I'll be making a top for it today. I did take some pictures - my cord for my good camera has been chewed through so I can only upload the pics that are on my little camera.


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Aren't you a clever one? I must admit I am not very good with hard material (like wood) - I am good at following instructions and passing the right bits to put something together, so DH and I make a great team! :-)
Nice to hear from you again.

Ronda Walker said...

I'm so impressed! I can visualize whatv I want but cannot build it. I'm blessed because Mountain Man can build anything. Can't wait to see pictures of your critters enjoying it.

Lesa said...

I recently wrote about my construction experiences and we're in the same club! But your project turned out sooo much better. Congratulations!

Snowbrush said...

I take it that you used the drill for nail holes. I've gotten to where I do that too. I must compliment you on how evenly spaced those nails are, and the fact that you put two nails everywhere it mattered, but one nail in the bottom boards where it didn't matter. A lot of thought and care went into that feeder.

Robyn said...

Welcome back :)...I wish I could build things.. I just don't have the talent..Im sorry you've been sick but I understand. I missed blogging for about 2 weeks as I've been sick also an sometimes the words just aren't there. I hope you're feeling better now.. :)