Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good luck hunters!

Today is the first day of deer hunting season. I won't be hunting - I hate the taste of venison. It is right up there (in my book) with turkey, squirrel, and rabbit. I've never been a huge meat eater - it is my mom's fault (love you mom, but I have to blame you for this)! She tried regularly to slip unconventional meat into different dishes when I was growing up - she was a key factor in my vegetarianism for many years. Even now, I can sense venison in a dish a mile away! I was more of a potatoes and peas kind of kid and I still am, I guess.

I come from a long line of hunters and it looks as if I've given birth to couple of hunters, too. My husband hunts for deer (he doesn't like turkey) during archery and rifle season. My brother's wives cook up any little critter that they shoot. And everyone in my family just loves these meals! I really, really wish that I could stomach handling game - but I gag and retch whenever I see or touch anything other than a clean roast or ground meat. And I know that actually game is much, much cleaner, much healthier meat and definitely more economical than any commercially raised beef. But still....

I do hope that we have venison in the freezer for the year. I would love the money saved by not purchasing meat at the market. So bring on the bucks, or the does - fill up the freezer! I just don't like touching it, cooking it, or eating it.

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