Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sunsets, dogs and creepers.

 So last night I heard an interesting perspective. I've always tried to make myself better, make myself more, etc.....and have been sorely disappointed because I'm just not that good.  What I heard last night was about taking away those things about yourself that don't measure up to who you should/want to be.  I took it to mean that I am already the good person I want to be, I just have a whole lot of nasty stuff I need to pick off to get to that good person.  That is a game changer for me. It is easier for me to wrap my mind around this and not feel like I am failing each day that I don't live up to my standards!

It is amazing how just restating something differently can make all the differences in the world.  It doesn't mean that this time next week, next month or next year, I won't still be trying to pick off the things that don't belong but at least it is easier for me to understand!

 All the animals are doing well.  Casper, my deaf white boxer, is still naughty.  He is still in love with me too!  He really is a sweet dog but he just has this mischievous streak about a mile long! 
In the middle bottom window, you can see the neighbor watching. He is always watching. Sometimes with binoculars.

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Snowbrush said...

I wonder what's with that neighbor. Hopefully, he's just a shut-in with not enough to do.

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