Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello 2015!

I don't do New Years resolutions......I'm no more likely to stick to something on the first of January than I am any other time of year.  However, I've decided to make a couple of changes.  Possibly.  I am making a concentrated effort to find something enjoyable to occupy my time for at least 10 minutes each day.  Something that does not involve my kids.  As I've been whining about for a while now, my two middle daughters will be graduating from high school this year and will be moving on to college.  I'm not exactly looking forward to that.  I'll miss them.  A lot.  Life without them in the house next fall is going to be drastically different.  I am slowly making peace with that by returning to some of the activities I've enjoyed in the past.  Devoting time to quilting has been the biggest change - I've been trying to do some aspect of it every day and that has worked well.  I'm looking forward to a quilting retreat next fall.  I may even join a local quilt guild although I'm not much of a joiner and people pretty much irritate me most all of the time.  I know that's a lousy thing to say but it is true.  I am a counselor and I meet with students all the time.  I talk with students all of the time because it is part of my job.  I enjoy it but for an introvert, all of that talking is absolutely exhausting!  And exhaustion for me shows up as irritability.

The other change I hope to make is to accept myself for who I am.  Which seems to change minute to minute, day to day sometimes.  I see what other people accomplish and I feel like a loser.  I'm not a loser - I know that (just ask my dog!) but sometimes I feel as if I'm not doing enough.  Many times I know I'm not doing enough.

If there is to be a third change - and this suspiciously sounds like a resolution - it would be to just feel free to laugh.  Not many people get my sense of humor, which makes me laugh harder, which makes me seem even more strange.  But what the hell.  Laughing is good.

And finally, I need to figure out how to access my photos so that I can include them on my blog.  That is why I don't write much anymore.  I have two accounts - one where my pictures are and one for my blog.  And I can't combine the two.  Ugh.  I'll figure something out.

Happy New Year!


Angie said...

I was delighted to see a post from you. I miss them.

Snowbrush said...

Hey, there, Goatie. You're sure staying quiet of late. I miss you.

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