Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Things that live at my house

Over the years, there have been a lot of interesting things living at my house: llamas, ponies, horses, goats, ducks, chickens, possums, tame rabbits, cats, dogs, and humans.  I find it interesting that there are actually critters who don't belong here but simply choose to live here.  I swear we have cats from way down in the valley who come here to eat.  We have the duck who has been visiting every year and has now decided to stay.  We have the neighbor's turkey who struts in every once and a while with his harem of hens following along behind.  There are deer almost every morning and at dusk.  A blue heron that has made his home in our creek ever since I can remember and who we scare away every time we walk down to the creek because we never remember he's there.  We've had visitors we've enjoyed seeing and some that we haven't including a Fischer, some snakes, fox, and a bear.  Years ago you could hear the bugle of elk from the elk farm on the next road down.  Our neighbors across the creek have horses, Jacob sheep, and a one-eyed emu named Smokey (among other things).

We've a diverse neighborhood and most everybody lives in harmony.  In a community which includes critters such as fox and chickens, harmony is a good thing.

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