Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do they make binkies for goats?

Today is day 2 of taking my nearly 3 month old mininubians off the bottle. Starting about a week and a half ago, we gradually gave them less and less milk in their bottle until Sunday we were able to stop completely. Or so I thought. Houdini, my wether, has been hysterical without his bottle! The poor little guy screams - he was waiting for me when I came home from work last night. He gobbled up his grain, nibbled some hay, I thought he was happy. But no, when I walked away he made it perfectly clear that he wanted his bottle. We also have a doe who we've weaned successfully. She gets a little concerned when Houdini is upset but overall, has taken the weaning quite well.
Growing up, although I've always fantasized about having a farm, I never actually spent time at a farm. Before I adopted my little goat family, I had never even touched a goat. I am amazed at how much I love them and how they so quickly became part of the family. True, true, they are animals but they have such distinct personalities: Bella, my doe is a prima donna; Houdini, the wether, is such a clown and is constantly trying to find a way out of his pen; and Bucky is a sweetheart. He tries to act tough but always has to get a head scratch from me. I'm amazed at how intuitive they are. One recent evening, I was feeling very down and went in to sit and watch the goats. They seemed to sense my melancholy and were very calm and gentle. These babies are such treasures.

My little farm. I'm loving it.

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