Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh my gosh, he loves me!

Houdini, that is. My wether. He's not named Houdini without reason. When I picked him from the breeder, he was the little guy who kept escaping his pen. He jumped the fence, hopped over the goats - I knew Houdini was the only name for him.
I thought we had this covered - we used 4 foot high chainlinked fence for my minigoats. But imagine my surprise when the human kids started hollering for me because Houdini was standing beside the swimming pool watching them jump on the trampoline! When he saw me, he gave a goaty scream and ran to me! I guess he decided that he was going to go looking for his bottle.
Apparently there is part of the fence that dips down and he was able to push it down enough that he could jump out. I'm happy to report that the fence has been fixed. So far now, Houdini is contained. He still is crying for his bottle but is doing it safely within the confines of his own little environment.

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