Monday, August 31, 2009

Blessed life

Saturday while out on a water testing project with my two youngest daughters and grandson, my daughter witnessed a horrific crash. It happened after she pulled out from the water authority. And she saw a car smash so hard into a truck that the truck went flying.
After it was over, she called me in hysterics. She had parked her car safely and then ran over to help the people out of the vehicles. She described trying to help a teenaged boy out of the truck who was horribly cut. And screaming. And kicking. And she saw his mother who was trapped in the vehicle trying desparately to reach him. And my daughter helped until the paramedics arrived.
She described her terror in going to the vehicles and what she would see but she said that there was no way she could NOT go and help. I know that she will carry the horror of the this experience with her forever. But I am so thankful to her and to people like her. I'm thankful for the paramedics, EMTs, who voluntarily offer their time to help people. What nightmares they must have night after night. Life is good. People are good. We just don't always hear about the goodness.
And although the victims in the accident were injured - the boy had severe head and arm injuries - they are alive. My daughter is hoping to find out how the boy is now 2 days later.

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