Thursday, October 15, 2009

A new chicken house

I thought if my chickens had a better place to hang-out, new nesting boxes, more spacious quarters, then they wouldn't make me play hide/see for their eggs. Not so.

Despite all the hard work which was inspected by the farm chihuahua . . . we are still playing and hide/see for the eggs.
A friend once told me that chickens were stupid. I don't believe it. Chickens are smart. If I gather their eggs from one hiding place, they won't lay there again. Soon (I hope) they will run out of places to hide them. Or they will take pity on the old goat who travels out rain or shine, to give them goodys.


Anonymous said...

Oh i love!!!! And no they are NOT stupid.

ElderberryWine4u said...

I love your chicken coop; it sure looks snug. I need to build new nest boxes for my girls. They do lay in the weirdest places. When my husband went to pull out the snowblower to get it ready for this winter he found a whole clutch of eggs under the blade hood!

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