Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Bean Soup

I had the best Black Bean Soup at Chilis last Friday. It was soooo good that I wanted to make it at home. I had tons of black beans and a cast iron pot so I was good to go.
I soaked the beans overnight. I followed the directions I found on the Internet. I soaked more beans.
And let the whole mess simmer for a day.
I served it up last night for the kids and me. Yuk!
I believe the words 'explosive diarhhea' were used. . . .The kids wouldn't eat it. I wouldn't eat it. The dogs didn't even try to clean off the plates!
It was a disgusting gray mass with black flecks floating around in it.
I need to find a new recipe or -- more likely, follow correctly the one I found -- or go back to Chilis.
This doesn't bode well for a good Thanksgiving dinner!

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