Thursday, October 7, 2010

And I do this, why???

After our return from Maine, Dolly Llama suddenly decided that she didn't want to be confined to her pen (and I use the term loosely - she is fenced in on nearly an acre of land). For two years, Dolly was perfectly happy to graze on the hill with the horses. Then she figured out she could jump the fence. So I fixed it and for two months, she has seemed happy.
When I went out back today, this is what I saw:
She wasn't the least big ashamed, in fact - she was quite happy to see me. And my treats. So once again, I fixed the fence. How long will it be this time?

Lost things

I heard at church of the passing of an old friend of mine.  I was shocked and ashamed. Shocked because I never thought of this person as old...