Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A gray day

I usually like the week after New Years. It is low pressure - or at least it feels that way because all the hyperactivity of the Christmas season has passed.  There are no parties, no concerts, no shopping  and I can live off of the holiday leftovers. 

But this year for some reason, something doesn't feel right.  There's been no snow. In fact, it has been relatively warm--enough to the point that I am able to actually go outside and work.  Part of the reason I like the week after New Years is because there are no expectations.  It is too cold to go outside and sometimes we even get snowed in from work.  These are supposed to the beautiful snowy white days that we dream about.  Or at least I do.  I like to have at least a few weeks during which the yard actually looks nice.  It's as if everyone is in a gray funk.
 I want to see snow again.  I want to see my chickens stand on one foot again.  I want to make a snow angel.

I want to not feel as if I am getting old and that my Christmases may never been the same again.  The kids are growing up and some of the magic is leaving because of it.  I think Centre County would be a little more upbeat if some snow fell.
Even the geese are confused!

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