Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sun. Day.

 Two days without rain.  One day actually with sun - today was a bit dreary but no rain so who's complaining?  Everyone was out today - visiting neighbors, going to church, working in the garden, mowing the lawn......there was no excuse to be stuck in the house. 

Even the bunny who apparently is star-struck by all things chicken came over to check out the hens today. 

As always he was a little bit timid, hanging out by the woodpile, peering from a comfortably close distance - so close but yet so far.

He eventually got up the nerve to get a little closer.  So close, in fact, he was actually in the chicken yard!  He sniffed around but when he realized the chickens weren't quite as enamered with him as he with they . . . . . off he hopped!!

 Other animals on One Old Goat farm came out to play and to see what the commotion was all about.  After all, it has been weeks since that big yellow ball was up in the sky and since wetness has not fallen from the sky. 

The season's kittens were checking out the hullabaloo.  These kittens are new enough to us that although they are very, very curious, they hiss if a human gets too close.
 All of the animals seemed to be kicking out the cobwebs of winter.  All of the farm - animals and humans both - have been suffering from an unusually bad case of cabin fever.

It was so nice to get outside, to smell the trees and the flowers, to listen to the horses whinny, the cow moos, the chickens cluck, and Dolly Llama....well, whatever it is Dolly Llama does.

Lunchbox is very happy that his pen is finally drying up;

At One Old Goat Farm, improvision and creativity are a necessity;

And even though most of the day was spent inside, even Fat Max agreed to go inside if it meant a snack;

And so did Sebastian,

And also Casper, the boxer, who is recuperating from a nasty ear infection.

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