Sunday, October 9, 2011


When I was a vocational rehabilitation counselor, many of the people with whom I worked wanted - as their vocational goal- to have some kind of position on the railroad.  I never understood this.  Trains were so yesterday, such a long manner of travel, and certainly did not fit into today's world.

But now, I have traveled on a train across our country.  Now, I understand.

On a train, you ride through America's backyard.  Unless you are traveling through an old town that was built around train travel, you don't get to see the 'presentable face' that is shown to the road when you are driving down the highway.  You ride through fields and woods and prairies and mountains.  It is amazing.

And yes, it is a long trip.  But if the journey is the reason, then a train is the way to go for me.  Being lulled to sleep by the chug-a-chug of the tracks, the gentle rocking of the travel, and the not-so-gentle lurching as the train changes tracks is the closest thing to being rocked to sleep as an adult can get. 

So no more planes for me. Not being a huge fan of flying - despite having a father who was a pilot - I've found the perfect mode of transportation for me.  Already I am planning to take my children to San Francisco on the train next fall - what an awesome way to experience the country! 

Just another step on slowing down my life a bit.  If you haven't done it, try it.  Train travel is an excellent way to become intimate with the country and with your self.  And the food isn't bad, either!

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