Sunday, January 22, 2012

Killers are we.

Every time we condemn someone without knowing all of the facts, every time we make a snap judgment on someone without taking the time to understand them, every time we allow the media to bottlefeed us information - bogus or not - we have the potential to at the very least, hurt another human deeply and at the very most, kill them.

Unless you are a lifelong Penn State fan, you may not understand.  I grew up with this guy.  I can't say that I idolized him but I most certainly looked up to him.  I was lucky - as a very young girl, I developed a healthy respect for the Alabama Crimson Tide and their revered coach, 'Bear' Bryant.  In my 10 year old eyes, Bear and JoePa were the ultimate coaches, dads, pillars, leaders. 

My heart is sickened. Others whom were trusted to lead my alma mater sent Joe to his death without dignity, without any type of respect.  Joe deserved better.  We broke his heart. 
Two great coaches - this photo and the one above was taken from Facebook.


Snowbrush said...

Yes, the public acts as societal judge and jury through whatever information--or misinformation--they get from the media. I heard that Paterno was diagnosed with cancer only a couple of months ago, so I don't know if it was just before or just after the story broke, but it was sad end at an old age for a man who did a lot of good.

I hope you understood on my blog that I didn't mean that you caused me to lose respect for your religion. Rather, I meant to credit you--and others--who are Christians for treating me with kindness despite some of my feelings about your religion. I was horrified that you appeared to take my meaning as being just the opposite.

Lori said...

A very sad ending to his life.

OneOldGoat said...

LOL! I'm just a little slow sometimes. I did get what you mean.

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