Sunday, January 29, 2012

Farm and mud and getting nothing done.

Another beautiful day! So......I went out to (first) clean out the kidding pen, then to hang up clothes (in the trees), and to work on the covering on the well.  What really happened is that I got the clothes hung, started to look at the pump only to find that the entire top had cracked and broken so.........I'll be lugging 5 gallon buckets until my husband either takes the pump in and replaces it (it was a new pump and shouldn't have cracked) or until I get the old pump that a friend had given me up and running.  Since I work from dark to dark, I won't get to it until Saturday.  I did make a fair amount of headway cleaning out the kidding pen but holy moly!!!!  the hay packs in like peat moss!  My back is aching and my shoulders are sore from getting it nearly all cleaned out.

I had every intention of working on a quilt but took a nap instead. So while I got some stuff done, there's still a good bit that I'll be making up next weekend.  I'm hoping by then some of the mud has either dried or frozen.  

Mrs. Bobbin

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