Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upside of sad.

Being sad isn't all bad.  At least when I feel sad, I know that I feel.  And if I feel sad, I know that happy is right around the corner.  It's mostly a seasonal thing.

I've been profoundly sad for the past couple of months - likely due to a number of things.  Not the least of all has been the death of a hero, the anniversary of the deaths of several of my favorite people, endings, painful beginnings, mud.

The dark dreary days of winter don't lighten my spirits either. The good thing about being sad is that I know that I'll be happy again. My sadness is legitimate just as my happiness will be.

But sadness beats the choking nothingness of depression.


1 comment:

Snowbrush said...

Winter gets me down too. I have a SAD light, but my optometrist tells me that I have early macular degeneration, and should avoid UV. So, I buy potted plants and books of cartoons. I hope you feel better soon, my friend.

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