Sunday, September 23, 2012


 In the past thirty years, I've never been without a young child at home.  Right now my youngest is 13.  He is in that spot teetering between being my little boy (who I want him to stay) and a young man (who I know he must become).  Still.  I love that he doesn't hold back when it comes to his little nephew.  My guy still has absolutely no qualms about playing on the playground, riding bikes and just hanging out being silly with his favorite little friend.  I am so cherishing this time of being with my younger kids - the time I had with my older two kids seemed to fly by largely unappreciated because I was
always busy: finishing college, running, worrying about this, worrying about that.  I feel as if I never really enjoyed  them until they too old to enjoy being with me.    These days when I am running back and forth picking kids up and dropping them, watching football games and soon, cross country meets, going to football games and chaperoning the kids......I'm loving it.

This is a great time of life with kids!  I have my little grandson who although I really wished lived a bit closer, I can cuddle and enjoy 5-year-old stuff with.  I have my high school kids who I can watch grow into young adults and enjoy all of the things they do along the way.  I have my two oldest who I can sit back and enjoy seeing how well they've turned out - even though I think they both feel as if they are struggling right now.
It is a great time of life for me right now.  

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