Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who's laughing now?

No pictures - I'm at a conference in Nashville and, unfortunately, did not win an ipad so I rely soley on the technology available in between sessions.


Who, seriously, is laughing now?

This question is in my mind for so many reasons.  First of all, if you haven't had the opportunity to read the comments on the online Centre Daily times site, then you should.  It is amazing the responses one may find.  And no, I don't post there.  I just read and get pissed off. 

Penn State is so much more than what the media would lead you to believe.  I've been asked umpteen times at this conference (by truly concerned colleagues), just how 'is it' at Penn State?  Seriously?  The people of Penn State are strong.  Stronger.  These 'kids' who begin school each September are excited to be here and want to start off on a fresh foot.  They - along with the rest of the Penn Staters -  are motivated to prove that Penn State is NOT synonymous with 'Sandusky'.  That Penn State is going above and beyond what needs to be done to prevent, counteract, and deal with the horrors that can be bestowed on the kids.  As all schools - all people - should.   I've been asked multiple times how "it is" at Penn State and it is NOT what the media portrays.  Not by a long shot.  The media has the power to direct our thoughts.  Whether we view a school as a villain or a victor can be at the hands of the media.  Truly honest and unbiased media coverage? Ha!  

My Penn State is the 99.99% that attends classes everyday, goes to work everyday, has a social conscience  who are parents who are proud and excited to send our kids to Penn State, we are the employees who clean Penn State, who maintain the grounds of Penn State, who advise the students.  We are the runners, the soccer players, the baseball players, we are all the athletes, academics and citizens of the county.

Please make NO mistake about the identity of Penn State.  Because. We ARE.

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Cathy said...

I`m from Pennsylvania and have friends who attended Penn State. I get it. It takes the media a long time to let go which is sad. Penn has always been and always will be a great school.

Mrs. Bobbin

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