Friday, December 28, 2012


Casper, my 4 year old deaf boxer.  Sometimes the bane of my existence and I am sure he would say the same of me.  After nearly two weeks of post-tooth extraction pain, I thought it would be nice if the two of us  went  out to see what we could see after Wednesday's snow.  Casper looks calm here but really, he was only getting a breather before chasing me and trying to bite my leg again.  I don't know what it is with this guy but when we are outside together, he chases me and chases me.....barking and nipping at my butt.  Non-stop. Nothing will deter him.  

 When I let him out on his own, he is predictable....running first to check on the chickens and then down to the creek.  He then has to go to the lilac and mock orange tree bush just to see if there is anything there needing his attention and then, if I'm lucky, he'll come back up on the deck and beat at the door.    In the middle of the night when I let him out, I often flip on the light, leave the door ajar and play the piano until he returns.  This ensures that I don't fall asleep when he is outside, I get my practice in and sometimes the sound calms our nervous roosters who, no doubt, are crowing their little hearts out because Casper has just raced by their beds.

Casper is a good dog.  I love him and his crazy ways.  Lots of people wonder why I keep him with all of his bad habits.  But really, he is no different than me......he may not be a diamond, he may not be the best behaved or really, the best of anything.  But with his goofy look, his crazy eyes, I am so happy that he is part of my life.  I just really wish that he would calm down.  A bit.

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I have a deaf dog, too!! I have a mini aussie who was a merle to merle breeding. He is 8 now. =D

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