Saturday, December 29, 2012


 Some of us deal with wintry weather a little better than others.  Dolly Llama for instance........she has her choice of being in the barn or not.  She usually prefers to eat in the barn and sleep in the barn at night.  But during the day - regardless of the weather - she sleeps outside.  Even with snow piling up on top of her.

The chickens are also very interesting.  They make their rounds from hanging out with the goats, sleeping on the fence, sleeping in their coop, standing under the overhang of their porch, and sometimes just standing one-legged in the snow.  My chickens aren't the most intelligent members of the One Old Goat farm family.

Then there are the goats who stand in the doorway and thoughtfully assess the situation.  They prefer not to eat in their sleeping quarters so they send  a point man out to test the depth of the snow.  Usually this is Hansel and if Hansel doesn't sink, they all come running outside to eat their hay.  This is despite the fact that they have already been given a little bit of hay inside just in case they don't want to come outside.  Go figure.

And finally there are the dogs.  Fat Max and Sebastian love, love, love, the snow.  How it usually works is that Sebastian, being the larger dog, makes the path through the snow. Fat Max then hops in Sebastian's path. And then I usually follow along behind them trying to take pictures of Max's snow covered face.  The dogs aren't the least bit afraid of or put off by the snow.  They could easily spend an hour playing and sniffing and chasing each other around.  If you see one, there is no doubt that the other isn't far behind.  The nice thing is after an hour of frolicking in the snow, they are ready to come inside and take a nap.  Which is great, because I am usually ready to take a nap too.

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