Monday, February 16, 2015


It is cold outside. And yesterday it was pretty damn cold inside. Ahhhhh.....the fun of a wood stove.  I've told everyone to give me a good swift kick in the butt this summer when I start complaining about the temperature.  Because I know I will.

But seriously, it may have been cold yesterday but it was a perfect day.  I did nothing but sit on the sofa with my little dog covered up with quilts.  I watched movies, I read, I did a little was great.  Did manage to get the heat up to 70 inside.  Early in the morning I started a big pot of ham and bean soup, made a pan of brownies (which were devoured in no time).  As I was thinking about how cold I was with my socks, long underwear, flannel nightgown and sweatshirt, I also said a silent thanks that it was 2014 and not 1814.  I don't think I would have fared well in 1814.  Or maybe I would have been a little tougher. 

It was so stinkin' cold out that I seriously thought about bringing Clover and the goats into the basement.  But with the straw and with their cuddling with each other, they are plenty warm.  As are the cats who do hang out in the basement - you know, the cats who refuse to eat the mice.  You know, the mice who nest in my sweaters and jump out when I have the nerve to put the sweater on because I am cold and want to go to work.  And the chickens are warm - both the ones in the coop and the ones in the milkhouse.  And the young ones are still laying.  Faithfully.  Two eggs a day.  I don't know what it is between Thanksgiving and Christmas when I am doing my baking and am using a ton of eggs. I don't know why they don't lay during that time.  They never have.  It must be a chicken thing.

But another few days of cold although tonight will feel like a heatwave - it is supposed to be 10 degrees.  I'll probably have to get out my summer jammies and leave a window open.

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Snowbrush said...

I've lived in an area with significant snow for a total of two of my 65 winters, and that was plenty for me. I heard a Bostonian say on the news today that she was moving South, and I thought, yep, I would too if I were you.

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