Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prep work.

I went to a quilting retreat last November.  The project for the weekend was a bargello quilt - very beautiful and nothing I've ever really wanted to do.  But the quilt included maple leaves which evened out the bargello that I didn't like.  I didn't like bargello because it looks complicated (it is!) and I never attempted one.  So being that the retreat was being held in a most gorgeous mansion with meals included, I felt that maybe making a bargello wouldn't be so bad.

Another reason that I took the plunge was because my mother-in-law showed me a picture of a bargello wall quilt that she really liked.  I thought she wanted to make one but after thinking about it, I figured that maybe it would be nice if I made her one.

So I attended the retreat and found that the bargello wasn't so difficult if one kept track of the rows of quilt blocks.  I felt that my project wasn't half bad.  So I decided that I would indeed make my mother in law a wall quilt like the one she found in the book.  Because I had a few projects underway, I wasn't able to jump into the project.  It has now been 3 months and I've decided to do a quick wall hanging for Valentine's Day using bargello instructions.  We'll see how it goes.  Reading  the instructions makes my head want to fall off.  I do much better if I am able to do and see how things work.

So since I wasn't able to get that photo uploaded in time to post this when I wrote it, I've gone ahead and finished the wallhanging.  Just as expected, it was easy to do once I had the fabric cut out and could see what I was doing.  So there we go......now just to quilt it.

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