Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A matter of perspective

My daughters insist that the chickens chase them. I believe that the chickens are only following them.

A simple concept, no big deal really, who cares if one is being chased or followed by a chicken? But when you think about it, following can be much more preferable than being chased. Kind of. Being chased can cause feelings of fear, being followed can be some kind of flattery. Or that the chicken loves you and wants to be with you (or, more likely, wants a treat!).

Sometimes I have a really hard time seeing the brighter side of things. One thing that I do when I am feeling blue is to thank people. I guess it may be kind of creepy but I don't think we thank each other enough. I don't think I let other people know the differences they make in my life.
So I'm sitting here feeling as if I'm sliding down the slope to depression. Again. And my head tells me that I am important to somebody. Even though my kids mostly seem as if they don't really need me (I know that's not true). Even though my husbands acts as if he would rather be anywhere but with me (I know that is true). I know that something I do, somehow is going to impact someone or something else. Whether it is a smile or a thank you, for a split second I can influence someone's day.
I had an acquaintance who committed suicide a few weeks ago. I wonder if would have made a difference if I had told him that he had given me the best haircut I'd ever had? As I sat with a mutual friend, she wondered if she could have done anything to change the course of events. From my perspective, this man was a gifted hair artist and from the comments on his obituary, a very valued friend. But apparently from his own perspective, his was a life that wasn't worth living. From the perspective of those who knew him, he was an important part of the world.
Perspectives: yours, mine. Whose is right?

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