Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fragile Life

How fragile is life?

A freshman student was found dead at the bottom of stairwell. Four weeks into classes. His dreams, his family’s dreams, gone. He may have been a future president, he may have developed a cure for cancer, he may have been the one to save us all. We’ll never know. One second he was alive, the next—gone

His life or rather, his death, has been the impetus for me to do some reflection on my life (that I still have) and all of the trivial things I’ve been complaining about. Seriously. Boo-hoo for me. I have a really good job but poor me because I’m having a hard time with the supervision part of it. Really – wouldn’t this dead boy’s family give anything to have that be their worst problem? How dare I cry over my dissatisfaction of a situation that most people would find very satisfying! Instead of whining, I should be celebrating!
For today, I think that I will take notice of all the little, good things. Instead of stressing over having to fix the fence--again--I'll be thankful that Bella, Tommy, and Cookie Dough didn't escape and wreak havoc across the valley. Instead of dreading having to lug gallons of water from the kitchen to the animal water troughs because the water pump isn't working, I'll be thankful that have the strength to carry water.
For today, I'll simply be thankful to have a family who is always there for each other. Always. I have wonderful kind children, I have healthy, happy animals. I have colleagues who I consider to be my friends.
For today, I'll simply be thankful.

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