Monday, March 29, 2010

A wonderful story . . .

was told at our church yesterday morning. The story of Jesus. And it was truly wonderful. My 10 year old son surprised me shortly after Christmas by saying that he wanted to be Jesus. This is kid who drags his feet to Sunday School and would fall asleep 5 minutes into church. He not only said he wanted to be Jesus, he meant it. And he put his whole heart into it. On the two weekends that I was not at home, he woke himself up and got himself across the lane to Sunday School for practice. He took it very seriously. He learned his lines and read. Yesterday morning, I felt the story. When I saw my little boy ride up the aisle on a donkey, I felt the story. We parents were not allowed to watch the practices so I wasn't sure

what parts of the Easter story were going to play out. And I found myself praying to God that my little boy in his role would not be crucified. And I wonder if I felt that way, how must Jesus' mother have felt?

For the first time ever, I really felt the presence of God. I have floundered throughout life with my beliefs and I still feel that God is the power of nature. But God was there yesterday morning. I felt it.

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Patricia said...

that is a beautiful story and an AMAZING way for God to get a hold of your son's heart! I pray that God will raise him up to share his passion for Jesus to the world! We need son's to hear the Lord and we need God's grace to raise men of God! I often think to ask my son, What do you think it means to be "fishers of men!" Anyway, your story blessed me! I am Pat Ellefson in southeast Arizona and my email is on facebook too!

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