Monday, May 10, 2010


Where have I been? A long, long way from here.

Some big decisions, some life changes, some gains, some losses..........


Animals are all well. My silkie has produced two little chicks. It is amazing to watch her caring for these babies. They sleep underneath her. They follow her. If they end up on the opposite side of the fence from her, she peeps loudly.

Dolly as as friendly as always.

The dogs are well. The little deaf Casper had a near-death experience that forever will haunt me. He had a reaction to a bee sting. All I can remember is my husband saying "he just died" and then turning on the light to see Casper staring at me. Several doses of Benedryl, a shot of epinephrine, and a few days of prednisone brought him back to us. I love that dog.

The kids are well. My daughter and grandson are moving away. To finish her college degree at my University but at a faraway branch campus. And she is dating a beautiful man from Canada. But I'll miss my grandson.

My son has decided to remain in school another two semesters to complete a 2nd degree. He just started experiencing college so I agree with his decision.

I'm going back to school for another undergraduate degree in Energy and Sustainability Policy. It seems a crime with my tuition discount to not absorb as much education as possible. I'm so not a science-strong person but sustainabilty and the environment are so very important to me that it just makes sense.

Over the past few months, I've been beat-up and dragged-out. I continue to question my spot in this world. But blogging is important to me. And I need not to forget about it.

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~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Life has these moments that we question it!

From another old goat! lol Actually, old goat granny seems to be the latest title and now grandgranny to Mylo and Otis!

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