Friday, August 13, 2010

A Gift

There is such a story behind this little sewing machine.
Last Friday, the day before heading out on vacation, the valley was having its annual yard sale days. Members of our church had set up and someone was selling this little Kenmore complete with the sewing table and chair.
Unknown to me, my son had tried bartering for this sewing machine so that he could give it to me for my birthday. He wasn't able to schmooze enough money from his dad so he went back to try to talk the price lower. He was told that if the sewing machine hadn't sold by the end of the yard sale, he could have it. All along, I had no idea.
For the week we were on vacation, my son kept insisting to call his dad~always on the sly. I didn't know that he was checking to see if he had gotten the sewing machine.
So when we returned from our vacation, my baby boy was really, really excited and could hardly wait to show me what was on the front porch. I had seen it but had assumed that it was something that my oldest son had brought home while waiting to move into his new apartment.
But it wasn't. It was the most beautiful, most wonderful sewing machine ever. It will create the best quilts of all~starting with my boy's quilt which I have been working on for years. This new sewing machine has sparked new interest in quilting but most of all, it has shown me what a sweet, kind, thoughtful son I have.
And yes, this is the same boy who was determined to be Jesus this past Palm Sunday.

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