Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a day!!!

As a rule, I'm generally not a big fan of competition against anyone but one's self. But I have to say that I am extremely proud of the kids who showed cows - red & whites, Holsteins, Jerseys--at our district show this weekend.

For my two showmen, it was their very first. And my son was the first to show in the entire weekend. They were nervous. My son told me that his stomach was fluttering more than it had when he waited in line for the 'Ring of Fire' at the fair last year!

But he did a fine job-as did my daughter. They both won Master Showman and will move on to the state competition with their calves.

I just loved watching the kids with their calves--whispering to them, talking to them, encouraging them. And the cows seemed to respond back.

It was reminiscent of the fair every August where we see people from the community who may not have seen since the previous fair. But on a much smaller scale. The local church sold food at really really reasonable prices-where else can you get a healthy slice of homemade cherry pie for $1.50? Or shoo-fly pie or apple pie or fresh peach!!!

It was a long fun day that started early for these kids. It was day of learning that they could succeed at something new with a lot of practice and truly caring about the task. It was a day of experiencing the camaraderie of being with other kids who enjoy the farm life. And after all the barn chores early, early in the morning and showing and supporting their peers during the day, it was off to the cow barns again to milk. I say, you can't get the same kind of fun, the same kind of satisfaction spending the day at an amusement park as you can get at a day in a dairy show/farm work.

Oh, and the peaceful, deep sleep curled up in the warmth of a calf!

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