Friday, June 10, 2011

Is we redneck? Or is we hick?

Yes, that is a skidloader holding up our deck.  And yes, that is a sofa setting on the deck.  And yes, that is a hot tub (someone's project from last summer)partially hidden behind the deck.
Sometimes I really dread the phonecalls I receive at work.  This time last year, the call was that our boxer, Casper, had nearly burned down the kitchen.  This year, it was that the deck had collapsed.  I am a very good spouse because not once did I mention that the old sofa - the one into which that fire-starting dog had dug a hole the size of a bowling ball - was way too heavy to be set on this part of the deck.  Not once during the day did I mention how many years I've reminded someone that we really needed to add supports to that portion of the deck.  Because I am a very tolerant person.  And I won't complain to anyone as long as the deck is fixed by the end of the weekend.

Lost things

I heard at church of the passing of an old friend of mine.  I was shocked and ashamed. Shocked because I never thought of this person as old...