Sunday, August 14, 2011

Road trip.

My goat-mobile is ready for the journey;

Today's trip had the potential for disaster.  In the spirit of my brother's and my first cross-country goat run, I took a much shorter trip to southern PA to pick up 3 nubian goats.  I've learned a thing or two since I last traveled with goats.  First, the goats will fall asleep when the vehicle is moving - so it is very important to make any restroom or coffee stops before picking up the goats.  Especially if you are travelling alone. Which I was.  Second, it is imperative to have a barrier between the goats and the driver. Goats are notoriously pushy and will sit in the front seat if given a chance.


The goats are nestled in for the trip;

Leslie - my co-driver

I am prepared for my goats this time.  I've been given some very good advice by experienced goatherders: goats won't jump the fence if they are happy inside the fence, goats are the farm animal version of the dog, goats don't really eat everything.  This latter tidbit I knew since I owned 3 of the pickiest goats on the planet at one time.  Picky to the point that they pulled out their favorite bits from their hay, turned up their noses at carrots, lettuce, or anything past its prime. 

I've missed having goats - there is something so calming about the bleating of a goat.  I have visions of goat cheese, goat's milk fudge, goat milk smoothies.  And we will have goat baby at the beginning of January.

It feels really good to have goats back at One Old Goat farm.

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