Wednesday, August 17, 2011


They still are a little unsure of me.  I've been waiting for over a year to hear the music of goats in my backyard.  These three are rather quiet.  I'm sure that once their fence is complete and they are free to roam on their own, they will be a little more vocal. 
In the meantime, I'm just wallowing in their goatiness. 
Who couldn't love a face like this?  There is a gentleness in farm animals.  It is very calming to spend time with them early in the morning long before other humans are awake.  Goats are always happy to see you - well, so are the horses and the chickens.  Dolly Llama usually is not happy to see anyone but me--and even her love for me is questionable. 

The goats are still wondering whether I am friend or foe but I am pretty sure that with enough carrots and apples, I can win them over.

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