Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Feeling pretty.

Pretty is the last word anyone who knows me would use to describe me.  I'm more of a function over fashion type of person.  For me, beauty is more of a word that I would use to describe a person's character than their appearance.  As far as things go, the word beauty would be a ruggedly made jacket that will last me for years and years and years - becoming more comfortable in many wearings. Beauty could also be used to describe a pitchfork whose tines don't fall off within a few months of purchase or beauty could be a well=built fence.

But last week I really did win a thing of beauty from one of my favorite blogs - Granny Sue's News and Reviews.  I won a beautiful tea setting with a tablecloth, placements, salt/pepper shakers, sugar bowl and cream pitcher, and a tea pot.  I also won a bag of loose Earl Grey tea and a tea ball.  I have some tea brewing right now and as soon as I get this posted, I'm going to sip on tea in my dainty little tea cup and read Jennifer Chiaverini's new book The Union Quilters.

I don't know how I came upon Granny Sue's blog - through a search for a dulcimer festivals perhaps.  But if you visit her site, check out the links on the rightside of the site too.  Granny Sue is a storyteller and one day, I will listen to her in person.  Her blog about storytelling is called Storyteller Granny Sue: Stories from the Mountains and Beyond .  I just love browsing through everything on her sites and have to say that her blog - by far - has always been one of my most favorite. 

So for a little bit this afternoon, I will be pretty. I shall sit at my window and sip on good tea on my very lovely tea set.  Thank you Granny Sue!!!

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Snowbrush said...

I'm with you about functionality. Unless I could make the use of that tea set into a spiritually enriching ritual, I would either pack back up and wrap it as a gift for someone else, or I would take it to Goodwill.

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